Finished(?) JJ

Almost Finished JJThursday night was spent at my sewing machine finishing my JJ, which I then wore to work yesterday Overall I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out, and am intending on using the pattern to make some more shirts in the future.

However there is one thing about it that I’m not sure about; the placement of the ruffles. The two centre ruffles on each side are much closer together than the second is to the third… and I’m not sure about that. However, having canvassed opinions from my friends at work I still don’t know what I want to do about it, as everyone had a different opinion. The way I see it my options are:
a) Leave it as it is, a couple of people said they liked how it wasn’t completely equal
b) Unstitch the middle ruffle and move it to be in the centre of the other ruffles.
c) Remove the outer ruffle from the seam and restitch it closer to the two other ruffles.
d) Remove the outer ruffle completely.
At the moment I’m leaning towards option a as then I can declare the shirt finished… but I dunno. I might wear it a few more times and then decide.

Other than the qualms I have about the ruffles I am now a complete fan of this pattern though! It was really comfy to wear all day (even under my lab coat, or rugby shirt), and I can actually move my arms around this time, unlike when I wear the first shirt I made. Best of all, the pattern is totally free!

(The photo isn’t quite the finished product; incase you hadn’t noticed it’s missing the buttons, which it now does have)

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  1. cherri

    I didn't notice the buttons missing! It looks great. I like the frills uneven as they are…


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