Not sewing, but just as fun!

This week I made gingerbread! It was so much fun! My housemate’s joined in too, helping with the cutting, decorating and of course the eating.

The recipe I used was from exclusively food and turned out Delicious! I made a couple of changes, I didn’t have any “mixed spice” so used 1sp Cinnamon and 1tsp nutmeg, and I’m not sure if “Baking Soda” and “Baking Powder” are the same or different, but I used “baking powder” as that’s what we had in the cupboard.

There were of course gingerbread men with Smarties for buttons.
There were also ballerinas, pussy cats, flowers and smiley faces!
And of course, a few Australia’s (courtesy of my awesome Australia shaped cookie cutter!).


  1. j.kaori

    Those cookies look so yummy! I actually only make gingerbread around Christmas — after seeing yours, I'll have to make some soon!

  2. cherri

    OHHH YUM! Bring some to our next meet!

  3. A Spoonful Of Sugar

    What delicious looking gingerbread! Love the cat face – cute.


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