Quilt Mockup…

The other night while avoiding finishing tidying my room I decided to make a quilt mock-up because after not really liking my last one I really want to love this quilt I thought I’d make a mock-up of what it might look like (based on the fabrics I currently have but with the triangles completely random):

(the picture is clickable for a bigger version)

The images of the fabrics are based on 2″ squares, which would allow for about 1/4 of the sequence of the gene. 1″ squares would allow for the whole sequence… so I’m still pondering sizes…

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  1. scientificquilter

    I left a comment under my blog, but also wanted to post here in case you don't see it. I really love the blue effect on this quilt. I was wondering how you did this mock up? Electric Quilt or other similar program? Is this image showing all 5000 bases or only one fourth of that? Either way, you've got a lot of sewing to do. Good luck and thanks for sharing!


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