Major Progress.

Because I’m sad and pathetic like that, last night (Saturday night) I ended up going to the supermarket and then spending the rest of the evening sewing – exciting times! I did however, make super progress with my advent calendar. All the pockets were sewn and the layers basted together:

Borders added to two sides:

Then added to the remaining two sides:

And even managed to sew it all together and baste (with spray) into the quilt sandwich, just using calico on the back:

Now it’s ready to be quilted – I just need to pluck up the courage! I’m planning on stippling it like in the tutorial, but think I need to practice with pen and paper a little more first, to make sure I am better at the line and can get it even all over.

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  1. Katie B.

    I'm glad to see your finished advent calendar! I was just reminded of this on Sew Mama Sew, and I need to finish one before December. Yours looks great!


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