My Place and Yours: On the shelf…

I have decided to take part in Pip’s new meme “My Place and Yours” because it looks like fun. This first week the theme is “on the shelf”, so here’s my “bookshelf”:

I don’t have many books here with me in Melbourne, most of my books still live on a bookshelf parent’s house. With the exception of my textbooks I only brought a few books here with me (my dictionaries and one other) and the rest that I have now I’ve accumulated between then and now. Sadly it’s not even as many books as it looks like as I have somehow amassed four copies of “Unpolished Gem” by Alice Pung a dear friend of mine; if you haven’t read it you should, it’s a really lovely book with just enough deviation from the main story with short yet hilariously funny anecdotes.

Sadly, however, my room, cosy as it is, has no book shelf, so my books have found a home on the top of my wardrobe accompanied by my novelty sized inhaler (that I kept because I love that it’s the same inhaler that I use and my Winnie the Pooh and Graduation bears.

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  1. Pip Lincolne

    'Unpolished Gem' hey? I think I want to read that – that's the second Alice Pung reference I've read this week, it must be a sign! Thank you for showing us your weighty shelf, Miss! xx

  2. Two Tuesdays

    A shelf that isn't a shelf seems always to be the best sort of shelf!

  3. beck

    Books are so important aren't they? You can never have enough. I have read Unpolished Gem, it's a great read. xo

  4. Cherry

    Oh was the Amy Tan one good? I've picked that up a few times at the bookshop.


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