New Fabrics

Today I went on a little field trip to Patchwork on Central Park to see their fabrics in general, and to see if they had anything that would work for my genome quilt in particular. While I was there I got 5 more ‘dark’ fabrics, but sadly they didn’t have any ‘whites’.

Added to the ones I bought at Amitie this brings my collection of fabrics for this quilt to the following:

10 darks and 4 whites. I figure I could have a couple more ‘darks’ and then hopefully at least 6 more ‘whites’…. and then I can prewash and start cutting!!!

I don’t know how many more patchwork shops there are in Melbourne for me to visit, but next on my list is Patchwork House in Hawthorn. It is also highly plausible that I will revisit Amitie, I was very impressed by their range and there were a few there that I didn’t buy but did get swatches of.

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  1. Diva Quilts

    Oh my gosh – I LOVVVEEEEE those blues!!

    <==== wants to steal them. 🙂

    And congrats on your finish!


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