Sewing Day!!

Yesterday (Sunday) two of my girlfriends from work came over for a ‘sewing day’. The day was super-fun and super-productive.

I did some work on a second advent calendar using some more of the same fabric.

My friend Amelia started her advent calendar – she cut out all her squares, arranged them (which took QUITE a while of both of us pondering over them and making swap after swap), cut out and ironed on all her numbers:

And my friend Kylie started on her very own coffee date dress – and for a girl who hasn’t sewn before did very well, especially since I’m probably the worst sewing teacher EVER!

Sadly nothing was finished, so more sewing days will be necessary (which isn’t a bad thing!)

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  1. wishes, true and kind

    I love sewing days! Friends and fabric: it doesn't get any better than that!



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