Having fun with improvisational piecing

Quite shamelessly using this stunning quilt as inspiration I’ve currently got another baby quilt in the works – I started improv piecing some of the blocks last night, so far I have four (not cut neatly to size yet, but you can get the idea):

I’m now second guessing my fabric choices though – I’m pondering whether I need another dark pink (like in the pink stripes). What do you think?

It’s quite fun just making it up as I go along, hopefully the quilt will turn out alright with me doing it that way though! I’m planning on doing something similar with the jelly rolls so it’s good that I enjoy it.


  1. wishes, true and kind

    I LOVE these improv blocks! Another dark pink would be great, but you can't argue with success — and these are really nice!

  2. whatktmadenext

    I love the colour combo you've picked, and definitely agree with the first comment – what you've done looks fab!

  3. Anonymous

    This looks beautiful! I think I'm going to try one with unique squares but same material too! It looks like it will be a very special quilt.


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