For Baby William…

… I hope you enjoy the Quilt. I finished the baby boy quilt I was making last weekend and gifted it to the intended recipient. Baby William is still teeny-tiny so will certainly have to grow into it, but hopefully him and his mum & dad like it.
I ended up quilting with a diagonal cross hatch in yellow on the front:
and red on the back:
I bound it a stripy blue fabric (that I got at the same time as the rest of the fabric). Here’s the finished thing:
I’m VERY happy with how it turned out. The only thing I’m disappointed with is that I was hoping to wash it before gifting it as I’ve not washed any of my quilts yet so wanted to check how it would turn out. However, our washing machine is broken so that wasn’t possible.
(the red and blue rectangle at the bottom is a label where I embroidered the Baby’s name and date of birth. I’ve blanked it out in the photo).
(pictures are clickable to see bigger versions)

PS: A HUGE thanks to Nims who let me drag her out into the park next to where we work to hold the quilt up while I took photos. A much prettier backdrop than my weed ridden garden and smelly compost bin!


  1. wishes, true and kind

    Really cute! What a special quilt! I like that you embroidered the name and date of birth on the back!

  2. cherri

    That's really nice Rachel – will have to bring my fabric along to the next meet so you can give me some tips – love it!

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