Wardrobe Project

As I mentioned, as part of my Sewing club I have joined the BurdaStyle Wardrobe Project. I took a printout of my wardrobe plan along to the last meet of sewing club but am yet to share it with you on here.

As I mentioned in my “Looking Ahead to 2010” post, this year I wanted to sew with more of a plan and expand my winter wardrobe – so this fits into that perfectly.

Without further ado, here’s my current plan (although it is subject to change):

Winter 2010 Wardrobe Plan

Esprit Dress – I started this a while back and have completed a muslin, made the necessary alterations and even have bought some lovely black fabric from Tessuti, I just need to get started on it and it hopefully won’t be too complicated (fingers crossed!)

Sencha Blouse – As I mentioned, I now have this pattern in my grubby little hands, and plan/hope to buy this fabric to make it with. I’ll need to read up about working with slippery material before I make it though, as that’s something I’ve never done before.

Emily Shirt – I made a muslin for this last year in some black poplin and have some gorgeous white on white stripe Italian shirting I got on sale at Clegs ready and waiting to be cut into. (I’ll be making the version with the normal sleeves)
Vogue Trousers – I’ve had this pattern for a while (ever since I saw EmilyKate’s gorgeous pair from this pattern and I bought it at the $5 sale at Clegs). I’m not sure what fabric/colour I’ll be making these in yet but I think I’ll make view A. I plan to make a muslin before buying fabric.

Jenny Skirt – I’m not completely decided on this one, I know I want a Skirt but I’m not entirely convinced this skirt will be all that flattering on me… so I may substitute this for a different pattern.

Hikaru Jacket – I hope to make the Hikaru jacket as a middle weight jacket, which I desperately need for this Winter – I have a few warm coats and some thin jackets but nothing at that mid-warmth level that’s vital for Melbourne winter. I don’t have any fabric in mind for it yet, I don’t really want to make it black but other than that I’m not sure.

So there you have it, my plan. I’m not totally sure that they all fit together perfectly, but I’m sure it’ll be fine, especially when i take into account the clothes I already have and can mix with these items. As I make items I’ll make sure they fit in with the other ones and make any choices/changes accordingly.


  1. Caroline Martin

    Sounds like you have a great plan of what you want to make. Hope you post photos of the garments as you make them. Cheers from caroline.

  2. cherri

    Looking forward to seeing the pants done Rachel!

  3. Northside Makers

    Hi Rachel,

    Got your comment on our blog about Northside Makers' Craft & Cider tonight. Everyone is welcome and we'd love to meet you! We'll be on the deck out the back.


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