Denim picnic blanket top

The other evening I stitched together the denim quilt top I planned the layout of last week. I chain pieced the squares and it came together remarkably quickly – much quicker than my couch quilt last year which took days and days and days; I highly recommend chain piecing!!

Now I need to decide about backing fabric. I’d like to use something at least a bit waterproof, like you get on the back of bought ones, but I don’t have the first idea where I’d get that kind of fabric. Any ideas?

In also tossing up whether to put wadding in the middle or just have the two outside layers. I don’t know if having the wadding would make it too bulky.


  1. Anonymous

    Well, if you don't care what the back looks like, you might see if you can find a shower curtain like the one I have. It's fabric, not plastic, but has a bit of plastic imbibed in the fabric somehow. It looks like it would be easy enough to sew. OR you could find a plastic-backed tablecloth — the kind with plastic on one side and thin fabric on other. I love what you've done so far. It's really beautiful!

  2. Anonymous

    I think that's a good idea with the plastic backed tablecloth. Also I think there is a product at Spotlight called rip-stop nylon that you could use, I'm sure people use it for waterproof aprons and the like but please double check if it's waterproof as my memory of working in the store is hazy! Will make a great picnic blanket. – Kelly R


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