Jenny Skirt – Yes or No?

As I mentioned, I’m considering making the Jenny skirt as part of my wardrobe plan. However I’m not entirely sure if it will suit me. As far as I can tell from the ones others have made, the skirt comes in at the bottom… I’m worried that it would turn out to be super unflattering. Any opinions?


  1. saintpudalia

    Well, it doesn't look like it comes in TOO much. Why not make a muslin with straight sides and then gradually take them in until they seem right for you? Hmm….I think I'll make this, too. I love the wide waistband with tie.

  2. nikkishell

    Give it a go in something from your stash!

  3. Rachel

    I agree with both – give it a go! I didn't find it as 'pencil' as other straight skirts


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