My first pair of trousers!

Yesterday I made up a muslin for the Vogue V2907 Pattern that is part of my Wardrobe Project. I’m very proud of myself; they’re the first pair of trousers that I’ve ever made! (Pyjama bottoms don’t count!) I did the fly front with a random zip I found, and included the front pockets, but didn’t bother with the welt pockets on the back (I’m not sure that I’m going to include them at all).

I’ve altered the back trouser pieces and back yoke so that the trousers fit my rather large sticky-outey bum, and have cut those pieces out again. I was hoping to be able to show you the finished muslin this evening but i have learnt a vital lesson today – increase your stitch length on muslins!!! I didn’t and because of that it’s taking me FOREVER to unpick the seams of the trousers so I can resew them with the new backs.
Hopefully i’ll be able to finish the muslin tomorrow evening.


  1. Rachel

    Fantastic – can't wait to see the muslin and hear your tips!

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