Plenty of blues…

As I mentioned before, I’ve been collecting old jeans from friends and cutting them into 6 inch squares. I have now got more than enough for my planned picnic blanket. Here’s what (some of) the squares look like laid out.

I think this should make it a good size, I figure I’ll start sewing it together and then see how it looks.
Does anyone have any insight on good picnic blanket sizes?


  1. Bernice

    Such a good idea. Denim is good at hiding grubbiness! You'll have to reveal how many paris of jeans were sacrificed in the making when you're done.

  2. Kelly R

    Great idea Rachel. For picnic rugs I say the bigger the better, there seems to always be one bum that can't fit on! 😀

  3. cherri

    cool blanket Rachel – have you considered washing it though? Denim is heavy and will have your machine in a spin (hehehe) – maybe make two that join with velcro so you can easily wash one at a time? Or maybe just work out what will be not to heavy or bulky to lug around…


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