Finally some dress progress…

This weekend just gone I stitched up the esprit dress that’s been in the works for a while.

I had made the alterations indicated necessary by my muslin:
– A sway back adjustment
– I pinched about 1.5cm out of the top of the centre back seam, tapering that down to about the waist.
– I added about 1.5cm to the side seams of the skirt from a little above the hips downwards
– I pinched out some of the excess fabric around the top of the front princess seams.
I hadn’t included seam allowances on my pattern pieces so it took a VERY long time to mark seam allowances onto the fabric and cut out the pieces. However, once that was done it came together very quickly.
I still need to hem it and I have to work out the best way to finish the arm holes (probably just with biased binding), but it’s almost there. I think a couple of buttons are needed for this dress too; to hold the pockets closed as they’re a bit gapey at the moment.
Also, something I hadn’t noticed on the muslin (as I didn’t include the pockets so didn’t really think about it) is that the pockets are probably a little lower than they should be. It’s not a disaster – I can still reach the bottom of the pockets while I’m wearing the dress, but if I were to use this pattern again I’d move the pockets up about 1-2 inches, as where they sit at the moment they proportions aren’t quite right. You live, you learn, right?
What’s up next? A break from wardrobe project garments, The Madeline Mini Bloomers from Colette patterns in some blue gingham from my stash.


  1. EmilyKate

    Ooooh, it's looking loveleee! I agree with bias-bound armholes I think that would be really smart.
    I really like that pleating detail and the wide round neckline. It's gonna be gorgeous.

  2. cherri

    very nice Rachel = it's going o be very stylish on…

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