Me-Made May

Zoe of “So Zo…” recently finished “Me Made March” in which she only wore clothes she had made for the entirety of March. She has decided to re-do the whole thing again as “Me Made May”, which she is taking sign-ups for people to join her. She is also offering a lite version – where you don’t have to wear only me-made clothes, but to aim to wear at least one me-made item each day.

I have decided to sign up for the lite version – I will aim to wear at least one me-made item during May. Wish me luck!!
If you’re interested in learning more about Me-Made March or May, check out Zoe’s blog!

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  1. Mary Nanna

    I do wish you luck indeed! I would struggle with that challenge because I only sew what I feel like sewing and generally I couldn't put an outfit together with it afterwards (not unless I could wear nothing but coats)!

    Your jacket is going to be gorgeous. How tempting to have the fabric shop so close by. It's the same people who run Global fabrics here in NZ so I know the temptation all too well – the lovely wools, the beautiful silks.. sigh.

    yes I agree you may need more "wiggle" room for the back hip but the fabric pooling is caused because you have a sway back. I'm sure if you google 'sway back adjustment tutorial' you'll find some help with that adjustment.

    Good luck!


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