Genome Cutting at the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild

Yesterday was the inaugural meeting of the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild and I’m already looking forward to our next meet in June.
I had a great day and would like to give a huge thanks to Helene and Adele for all the work they put into organising it and making it a huge success. In the morning we had a show and tell and a meeting to discuss how the guild will run, and in the afternoon we all worked on whatever project we’d brought with us. I started the cutting for my genome quilt, which I did some more of this evening:
I got about half the whites done yesterday and finished them off this evening. I have gone for 3 1/4 inch squares (and whatever size HST that will eventually give), mostly because It’s a size that gets the most out of the fabric that I have.
One of the ladies brought with a Kona solids chart (I think Esther), and kindly let me examine it. I’ve now picked out which solids I want to go with my prints and will be ordering them soon and then I’ll have enough fabric to get started sewing.

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  1. Andi

    I told my husband all about your quilt and he reckons your idea is cool but also incredibly geeky!! I suspect he's right. We're all pretty geeky aren't we? … and pretty cool too!
    It was lovely to meet you in person. (Especially once I worked out who you were!!)
    Andi 🙂


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