Me-Made Inventory

May the 4th (insert Star Wars joke here); we’re 4 days into Me-Made May (or MMM for short) and I’m back in Perth, which means I can now do what many of the other MMMers have done and do an inventory of me-made items.
First an inventory of all the me-made items in my wardrobe:
  • 6x PJ bottoms (not as excessive as it sounds: 1x full length summer, 2x 3/4 length summer, 1x shorts summer, 2x full length winter)
  • 1x Summer PJ top (hidden support tank)
  • 1x Pyjamas (top & bottom, winter)
  • 1x Blouse (Sencha)
  • 3x Shirts (stripy JJ, peter pan collared, black Emily)
  • 1x boatneck flower top (red)
  • 1x tank top (purple)
  • 1x trousers (grey)
  • 7x skirts (1x grey flowered sidonie, 1x black jenny, 4x summer gored, 1x smart gored)
  • 7x dresses (2x day winter, 1x evening winter, 2x day summer, 2x evening summer)
(plus a hat and scarf not me made but handmade and gifted to me, so I’m saying they count)
A reasonable range actually, and actually quite a lot when you put it all together like that. It’s autumn here and starting to get pretty cold, so many of the skirts and dresses can be excluded, as can the nightwear, so here’s my inventory of (daytime) clothes for the month:
  • 1x Blouse (Sencha)
  • 3x Shirts
  • 1x boatneck flower top
  • 1x tank
  • 1x trousers
  • 3x skirts (1x sidonie, 1x jenny, 1x smart gored)
  • 3x dresses (2x day winter, 1x evening winter)
I’d like to make another Jenny in a more casual material and length, at least one casual top (I have fabric for one) and of course I’m working on my Hikaru jacket.
Now I just need to work out an outfit for ice skating on Thursday or I’ll fail on day 6!


  1. Zoe

    Looks great! I'm jealous of your pyjama variety!

  2. Andrea @

    Great stuff!! Did you have good luck with the skating outfit?


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