Can you spot my mistake?

Yesterday I finally started stitching my Hikaru jacket. After checking my stitch settings on some scraps of the fabric, and deliberating for far too long over topstitching options (thread colour, distance from seam etc etc), I bit the bullet and began.
Back seams… front seams… and then I got to the shoulder seams and they didn’t match up… cue lots of looking at fabric pieces, pattern pieces and my muslin. It took me far too long to realise what I’d done wrong. Below is a picture of my jacket back piece… can you see what I did wrong?
I stitched the centre back pieces together the wrong way around! Faced with unpicking that much topstiching I was about to stop for the night, so instead checked if I had enough fabric to cut out new back pieces, which I did, and I made sure that I did it the right way around this time. Much better:
So now I have the front and back sewn up and together at the shoulder and side seams and the shoulder tabs basted in place on the shoulder:
Hopefully I won’t make any more stupid mistakes as I don’t have enough fabric left to cut out any more pieces and they don’t have this fabric left at the store.

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  1. Margaret @ Konstant Kaos

    I am hoping over the school break to make myself some clothes for work. I haven't made clothes in ages!


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