Flashback Friday #6: Raggy Dolls

Many many moons ago I made these two raggy dolls. Inspired by some that Jo at Cowslip Workshops had made, I used her pattern to make my own.
The girl came first, and then the boy so that she had a companion.
She has flaming red hair and brown button eyes and a cute mouth and nose drawn on for me by Jo. I made her a very simple dress with long sleeves and a long pleated skirt, and also a pair of long yellow bloomers with lace hems (neither of which with a pattern, but directly ‘draped’ onto the doll).
I didn’t quite stuff her neck enough so her head is a little floppy.
He has brown hair and green button eyes, and as yet no mouth or nose. I made him a (very rustic) suit, again with no pattern. A yellow shirt, complete with collar, cuffs and buttons, a red jacket (lined with pale blue lining), and blue trousers (with red pockets on the bum!). None of the garments are very professionally finished (or in some cases finished at all, the “hems” are still just folded), but I’m very proud of what I created with no experience of garment sewing.
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  1. Clair

    You know you have to name them, don't you? They've got feelings too.

  2. Kelly R

    Ummmmm is this Luke and I?!?!


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