Just a few short…

After finishing off the last of my HSTs (governed by how many white squares I had) I started laying out the HSTs for the genome quilt layout. Starting with the navy blue fabrics in the top left hand corner down to the green fabrics in the bottom right. Annoyingly I’m 8 HSTs short; I had four white squares too few! Frustrating!!!
After laying them out I swapped them around a bit until I was vaguely happy and started pinning them to the sheet I’d laid them out on. Sadly while our living room has just enough space to lay out all the squares it doesn’t really allow for actually using the room. Since it would be a bit inconsiderate on my housemates to leave it like that while I sew the top together (because who knows how long that will be!) I had to turn my “design floor” into a “design wall”.
I started pinning the squares to a flat sheet and discovered my second shortfall of the day (and one I really should have seen coming)… pinning over 1200 HSTs to a sheet requires, you guessed it, over 1200 pins! Of which I only ended up having about half as many as I needed.
The sheet is now on the wall and about half of the squares are attached (the rest neatly laid out on my cutting board, seen in the bottom of the above photo). I’ll be stopping off in Clegs on the way home from my skating lesson tomorrow to buy 600 or so more pins!
Lesson of the day: make sure you have enough of everything you need, otherwise it’s mighty frustrating!


  1. Margaret @ Konstant Kaos

    Wow, that is impressive! Are you going to turn them around or do they all point the same way?

  2. whatktmadenext

    That's a lot of HST's and a lot of pins! It's going to look awesome when it's done. Are you laying them out randomly or following a pattern?

  3. Andi

    What happened to the genome deign? I loved that!!

  4. Kate and Kirk head West

    The hidden genome design is genius! Thanks for sharing that


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