More fabric shopping…

This weekend I made a trip to GJs discount fabrics with my friend Kelly. I’d never been there before so was excited to visit somewhere new that I’d heard so much about.

From outside I would never have thought to go in there looking for quilting fabric, as it’s on the top floor (of three half floors), with only dress fabrics visible through the windows on the ground floor.
Their range was extensive, with some absolutely gorgeous fabrics! If I was ‘shopping for the stash’ I could easily spend far far more than I can afford in there. Thankfully, shopping for a particular project allowed me to buy some fabric without being tempted to break the bank.
I bought these four dark fabrics, two plain blues of different shades, and then two prints to bulk out the greener end of the spectrum of colours. They had a good selection of plain cottons at some of the most reasonable prices I’ve seen in the various stores I’ve visited.
I also got these three whites, one with a swirly pattern in white, and then two bigger cuts of two slightly different plain whites; one a crisp white and one slightly cream.
Kelly didn’t buy anything, but does make some of the cutest most awesome softies I’ve ever seen, one of which is the one shown above. She promises me that she’s going to start a blog soon!
(Kelly, If it’s not alright to post your picture, please tell me and I’ll take it down)

Current Completed HST Count: 476

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  1. Anonymous

    Famous! Wow, thanks for the lovely shout-out! Now the blog promise is on the interwebs, I must do it! – Kelly


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