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Jessie's Hexagon Quilt

Despite the fact that I haven’t even started sewing my genome quilt top together yet, I’m already thinking about what I’m going to start working on once I’ve finished it.

These thoughts aren’t due to lacking enthusiasm for the genome quilt, as I’m definitely fulfilling my sewing resolution of enjoying the process. The thoughts are due to my upcoming trip overseas.
Family Quilts -- Dad's Long Diamonds
This time in 4 weeks I will be on a plane jetting away to England!!! I’ll be away for 5 weeks, with 4 of them in England and one in the USA (Philadelphia and New York to be more precise). While I’m away I’ll have many opportunities for fabric shopping; from the quilt show i’m going to, to visiting Cowslip workshops to see Jo, and of course, taking advantage of my time in the U S of A!
pop garden hexagon quilt
Because of this, I need to decide what my next project will be so that I can buy fabric for a reason rather than just randomly.
miniature hexagons
Which brings me on to the reason that this post is smattered with inspirational hexy pictures. I think my next project might be a paper-pieced hexagon one. I’ve been considering it for a while, and with the formation of the MMQG have discovered that I need a hand sewing project as I don’t have the means to get my sewing machine to the meetings.
19,044 half inch hexagons
Now I need to decide – Do I want a ‘scrappy’ hexy quilt, or do I want a particular layout? I’m erring more towards a layout since my last ones have all been quite scrappy. But what kine of layout; Flowers, Diamonds, Stars, something else?
Hexagon Star - Six
What do you think? What layout? What colour scheme? What style? Suggestions please!
DQS8- hexagon quilt done!!
The only thing I’m sure I want to do is to have a more ‘interesting’ edge – ie somehow keep with the shape of the hex’s rather than square it off.
Border Patrol
Still not sure on how I’d quilt it though, as my hand quilting leaves a bit to be desired, yet it seems somehow wrong to hand piece a quilt then machine quilt it.
Grandmother's Flower Garden - 10 year quilt
(Click on any of the images in this post to see the incredible sewers that created them!)

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  1. Clair

    Oh dear, you've really caught that hexy bug badly haven't you! I blame Adele, she should have known it would be contagious when she brought hers along to the meeting.


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