Yesterday in my lunch break I took a sneaky button shopping trip. I went to Buttonmania, which was a really lovely experience! Buttons of every size, shape, type and colour imaginable! I was offered many many different button options, and we narrowed it down to two:

The ones on the left were round mottled metal ones, and the ones on the right flatter textured brown plastic ones. I decided that the metal ones took the military inspiration slightly more literally, and the brown ones were a little “warmer.
I spent a very long time mulling over my choice, including calling a friend for a second opinion (with the lady in buttonmania being very patient!). In the end I went for the brown ones, as I like the slightly less literal interpretation of the military inspiration.
I’m hoping to get it finished this weekend – I have the buttons to sew on, buttonholes to do, and lining to sew in left to go… that’s doable, right?


  1. Kelli

    Awesome! Looks great Rachel! can't wait to see it finished. You're gonna have it done and be wearing it on sunday right? : )

  2. Anonymous

    Good choice! – KellyR


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