New York Fabric

When I posted about my fabric shopping trip in New York before, I promised that I would post what I bought once I got home – well now I’m home and I’m delivering on that promise. I only bought three pieces of fabric, and all from the same store – Metro Fabrics (Suite 908, 265 West 37th St).

The first piece is a printed cotton, which I will probably make into a flared gored skirt (the same pattern as this one)

The second is slightly stretchy, but I don’t know exactly what the type of fabric is called. It’s the same kind of fabric as this dress.

And the last I saw and just couldn’t resist, the patches you can see are actually pieced together bits of fabric – ready made patchwork! I have no idea what I’m going to make out of it – most likely a “cheater quilt”, but if inspiration strikes maybe something else

While I was there, the delightful Kashi was very patient with me just looking around, and very helpful suggesting things to look at that he thought I would like, so we snapped a quick pic before I left!

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  1. Peter

    Love your fabric choices!


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