2010 in review…

2010 was much less ‘productive’ than 2009, for the exact reason I predicted at the beginning of the year; much of this year I’ve been focusing on writing my PhD thesis. I also took up ice skating, and have sacrificed some of my little remaining sewing time to do that, as exercise is particularly important when I’m sat on my bum writing all day rather than up and about in the lab all day.

Having said that, I’ve still amassed a respectable number of completed projects, including 8 new items of clothing, 3 finished quilts, some smaller items and three quilts that i’m still working on. Not all those items were a success, but most of them were.

Hands down my favourite item of the year is my Hikaru Jacket

I’m a summer person through and through, but I’m already looking forward to next winter so I can start wearing it again.

I’m also very excited by the progress of my Genome quilt:

The other main highlight of the year was the social aspects of sewing; while the Burdastyle Sewing Club I was attending closed down, I did manage to attend a meeting of the Perth Burdastyle Sewing Club. I also feel lucky enough to have been involved in the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild. I have made some great new friends at the monthly sit and sew meetings, and look forward to getting to know them all better and meeting new members during 2011.

I’ve looked back at my post of goals for 2010, and I completed some but not others.

In relation to garments sewing, I wanted to sew with a plan, which I was quite successful at (another post about that to follow). I also wanted to make some trousers, which I also did. However I didn’t make swimwear or undies so that goal will have to carry over to another time. I also wanted to improve my construction skills, which I’ve been slowly working on, but there’s still plenty more to learn.

In relation to non-garment sewing, I wanted to work on precision in my patchwork, which I think I’ve been doing, and to practice my quilting, which I have also done.

My biggest goal this year was to “take my time, enjoy the process and take on the challenge of learning new things”, which I feel I have successfully adhered to, and is the only goal I am going to give myself at the moment for 2011.


  1. Andi

    Happy new year Rachel.
    Looking forward to more catch ups this year.
    Andi :-)

  2. SEWN

    Happy New Year! Good luck on the thesis!

  3. Margaret @ Konstant Kaos

    I love that jacket of yours! Looking forward to catching up at one of the Guild meets next year!

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