Revisiting the wardrobe project

As you may or may not remember, near the beginning of the year I posted about the burdastyle wardrobe project. I thought now would be a good time to revisit it and see how it went.

Esprit Dress – This dress was completed earlier in the year and I have discovered that I didn’t end up posting about finishing it. The dress turned out well, except that some of the alterations I made to the pattern after the muslin resulted in the dress being too big, resulting in the dress feeling a little sack like. I need to take in the side seams. Also, the pockets are a bit low, which I didn’t realise in the muslin as I didn’t add the pockets. It’s something i’ll have to remember to think about for future projects.

Sencha Blouse – When I bought this pattern I loved it, now I’ve made it up I still love it. The one that I made was a practice garments (also known as “wearable muslin”) from some unknown blue fabric from my stash. It is a great garment but a bit big, I am still planning on making another one in a smaller size.

Emily Shirt – I made a black version of this shirt (again a practice garment), and if i wear it i look remarkably like a waiter. It also has a number of fitting problems (mostly in the shoulder and sleeve), so it’s been put aside for now.

Jenny Skirt – I initially had hesitations about this pattern, but so far I’ve made two version of this skirt and I LOVE it. The black version is a bit big and I need to take it in, but the grey one is fantastic! I’d like to make another one with a narrower waistband in a colour, I just haven’t found “the” fabric yet.

Vogue Trousers – Sadly (as seems to be a bit of a theme with these items), these trousers weren’t a huge success either. While there was nothing particularly wrong with them, the biggest problem was my fabric choice – the fabric (as shown, although exaggerated slightly, in the photo below) was a bit too shiny for the style I was going for. Also the fit wasn’t ideal, however I think I know how it could be improved. I’m not sure if I’ll bother though, as I’ve since decided that i’m not the biggest fan of wide legged trousers – they look fine when you’re standing but they’re annoying the way they flap around your ankles when you walk.

Hikaru Jacket – This is definitely the biggest success of my wardrobe plan. Probably a little warmer than my initial plan, but definitely a huge success.

A few successes, a few not-quite-successes… not too bad, especially since the project was abandoned part way through the year in favour of working on my thesis.

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  1. Trisha

    Love the "Esprit" dress! I think that if you took in the seams to make it fit better, that's a dress you could wear over and over again. 🙂


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