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This post is for my fellow participants in the MMQG quilting bee “oh beehave”. My month is March, so I’m due to post requests/instructions for my block as the fabrics went out this week.

First off, here are the instructions that went out with the fabrics:

‘Feel’ of the quilt
Simple, Non-uniform, Reversible

Colour Palette:
“Sand” and “Ruby” Kona solids only

Block size:
An assortment of different sizes with the biggest up to approx 12” and the smallest 4” square

Block type:
Wonky Stars – here is a good tutorial: http://thesillyboodilly.blogspot.com/2009/02/wonky-star-tutorial.html

Please return all useable scraps. Larger scraps will be used when making the quilt top, decent size triangle scraps may be used to make some more (small) stars if necessary.

Adding fabric:
Please do not add any fabric; I only want to have Kona “sand” and “ruby” in this quilt.

Intended purpose of quilt:
My quilt is for my friend Alex and her Fiancé as a wedding present in November

Specific construction requests:
I plan to make this a reversible quilt, with one side all sand stars on a ruby background and the other all ruby stars on a sand background.
Please can you construct two blocks – one of a ruby star with a sand background and one of a sand star with a ruby background (If you think I am being too cheeky with this request please send back the extra fabric and only one block and I will make the other.)
To try and make sure that I end up with a mixture of sizes of both types of blocks, I have included a post- it in your envelope that specifies which colour star should be bigger, please use this as a guideline.
Please use the same colour for the centre square as the points of the stars, so that the stars are all the same colour.
Some key points to think about when constructing the blocks:

  • Please make sure that the points of the stars are at least ¼ inch away from the edge of the block so that points aren’t lost when I sew the blocks together (This is particularly important)
  • Blocks do not have to be exactly square or in 1/3 proportions, but please don’t make them too exaggeratedly rectangular/disproportionate
  • Please try to make the triangles meet or overlap where they’re attached to the centre square.
  • Please try and give your stars “balanced wonk”.

First off, here is a flickr gallery with some inspiration photos that will hopefully show you what I’m going for (and what I’m not going for). I’ve put my comments next to the photos for you to read:

Also for some more information, here’s a diagram I made up to describe some of the points listed above and in the gallery:

Wonky Star Examples 2
1- This Star is an example of a 1/3 proportioned wonky block and if you made me one like this it’d be great. It has no gaps between the triangular points where they meet the edge of the block, none of the points go right up to the edge of the block (and thus won’t be lost when sewing them together), and it has “balanced wonk”
2- This is an example of how you can play around with the proportions a bit if you like. This one has the star not centered in the block but off to the top left hand side. It’s still good because it hasn’t moved the proportions too much so still looks balanced.
3- This is an example of how you can make a block that isn’t square. This rectangular block is still good is it doesn’t look too stretched out.
4- This is another example of how you can play with the proportion of the block by making the centre square smaller. However I do not really like this block as the proportions are too extreme. You can make the centre square smaller, but please do not make it as extreme as this
5- Similarly, this block plays with proportion again, this time by making the centre square larger. Again, I don’t like this block as the proportions are too extreme. You can’t make the centre square bigger, but please do not make it as extreme as this.
6- This block shows you an example of “unbalanced wonk” As you can see, there is a HUGE difference in the widths of the points, particularly at the top and bottom of the block. There is also no balance of the different sides, with the much larger points all on the bottom left of the block. I definitely want wonk, but not as extreme as in this block. This block also shows you an example of having a gap between the points (on the right hand side of the block). I don’t want that either
7- This is a “star block” rather than a “wonky star block”. I do not want beautifully precise and symmetrical stars, I want wonky ones.

Apologies if that’s all a bit thorough and it sounds like I’m being really really picky, I promise you I’m not, and I’m positive that whatever you make will be fantastic, I just figured the more information I show you all the better.

And lastly, here’s an example block that I made up:

Wonky Star Example

I can’t wait to see the blocks that you guys make!!


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