A foray into jewelery making…

I recently identified a gaping hole in my jewelery wardrobe – I was seriously lacking a bright red necklace, preferably something chunky. After a look in a few places, I found some great chunky red wooden beads in Spotlight, so I also bought some red thonging, and after my friend Mindy generously gave me a clasp I ended up with this great necklace:

It sits just at the bottom of my neck, and goes beautifully with my new red lipstick.

Aaaaand, as a bonus, while we were looking through Mindy’s jewelery making supplies for the clasp I discovered that she had a heap of fake pearl beads, and she was even more generous to let me have some of the beads and the other bits and pieces to go with it to make this set of fake pearl jewelry

So Mindy, thank you so much for the bits and pieces that let me make them, I’m uber grateful!

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  1. Rachel

    I wear my red beads alot – they certainly are a wardrobe staple. Yours look great!


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