Are you metric or imperial?

Some people seem to think in either metric or imperial measurements and can’t comprehend the opposite. Other people can think interchangably in both. I’m a really messed up version in between.

I measure small things in either inches or cm depending on my mood. I know my measurements (bust, waist, hip, etc) in inches but not cm, but I buy fabric by the metre and can measure a metre of fabric out incredibly accurately on my arm. I use a 1.5cm seam allowance for garment sewing, but a 1/4 inch one for quilting. Heights are always feet and inches, metres means nothing to me.  Medium distances (for example ones I could walk or cycle) are in km, and my brain just doesn’t fathom big distances.

Weights are just the same. I don’t get on with “cup” measurements, and my recipes are a bizarre mixture of oz and grams, litres and pints (even within the same recipe sometimes). However, weights of people I can’t comprehend unless they’re in kilos.

What kind of measurements do you think in?

(this random post brought to you by my new tape measure thats 3 metres long!! and even better only $2! (from GJs))


  1. sorbetsurprise

    I also do both, depending on what I am doing. If its a vintage pattern I use imperial instead of converting it, I use imperial or metric for baking depending on the measurements (none of that cups nonsense here either). I transfer everything to metric when buying fabric though, and when measuring something on my own.

  2. Reana Louise

    I'm metric all the way baby! But now that I'm learning to sew I am starting to learn imperial, and it's becoming slightly easier. I use a measuring tape that has both cm & inches given to me by my aunt. It makes life a little sweeter… seriously.

  3. The undomesticated scientist

    I go with what the instructions say, i can work in cm or inches, grams or pounds and ounces, i find that going with the original works best esp. for cake! I learnt metric at school and imperial at home, the only bit i struggle with is fluid measures where i tend towards litres. don't do the cups nonsence though! people, however, should be weighed in stones!

  4. Metric woman

    I'm metric all the way, through and through and proud of it. I make no excuses and offer no apologies. I think in metric, shop in metric,cook/bake in metric.

    I measure myself in meters and my body mass in kilograms.

    I've got myself a metric only weigh scale (no easy task.)

    I refuse to use the outdated inch-pound system that my mum has tried to teach me.


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