Genome Quilt Progress – May 2011

The other day I showed you my “progress sheet” for my genome quilt blocks. While I had the blocks out to take a photo of them and the sheet I couldn’t resist seeing what all the ones I have done so far look like all laid out. Now, it would be a bit remiss of me not to have taken a photo of it to share with you as well wouldn’t it?

What do you think? I’m loving it!!


  1. Helene

    Rachel it looks amazing! A very striking design, have you thought about how you're going to quilt it?

  2. Law

    OMG this quilt is insane! This is going to rock when it is finished. I love the colours too.

  3. Kristy

    Did you draw the design out in word? How did you shade the the triangles. I am trying to map a quilt out at the moment and can only shade the whole sqaure…frustration!


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