So, it turns out that hand quilting is an activity that can be done very well while hanging out with people… which is what I did this weekend.

I’ve made great progress quilting my wonky stars – I’ve quilted around nearly all the stars. Once I’ve finished that I need to fill in the space in between them. I’ve been quilting with red perle 8, which means nice big stitches! I’m a big fan of this method, it makes the quilting go pretty quickly, making it enjoyable rather than a chore!


  1. Mindy

    Oooh pretty! I think the red stitching on the pale was a good choice 🙂

  2. cherri

    oh you are very neat Rachel! LOve the stitching!

  3. Helene

    I see you got your red Perle 8! Your quilting is looking wonderful! I love the effect of the outlined stars! What does the red side look like?

  4. randi

    i really like the addition of the hand-quilting. definitely adds another element to your quilt. 🙂


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