Cathedral Windows Inspiration

At last week’s Sit and Sew Evening for MMQG I got chatting to Bek about cathedral windows quilts, and out conversation has whetted my appetite for giving one of these quilts a go. I’ve been pondering it in the back of my mind for a while, it has come forward slightly recently.

In this vein, I’ve been looking at pictures of completed Cathedral Windows quilts to get some inspiration with regards to what fabrics I may like to use. Here is a collage of some of  my favourite ones that I found on flickr (photo credits listed below the image)


  1. Bek

    ooo i soo love that second one (the nautical one). I have a tutorial that shows you how to put the colour in the other bits too – it takes up a little more fabric but it's soooo pretty! Do you think it would be even warmer with that bit put in too? I might consider it…depending on how much fabric it will use of course!!

  2. Sally

    i wish i got the SASE earlier i missed all the good convos!!!

  3. Bronwyn

    I have a book on Cathedral Window quilts – I'll bring it next meeting!

  4. Kristen

    I love all the variation! You are welcome to check out my tutorial if you would like. I love number 3 and its unique border. I am going to try a different colored border on mine.


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