Cathedral Windows Practice

I have been a bit absent lately – that’s because I submitted my thesis last week! Hooray! Now to wait about 4 months for the examiners to read it and find out if I pass.

I’ve been wanting to post about the practice Cathedral windows blocks I made for a while, however I managed to loose one of them before I’d taken a photo. I had a proper look this evening though and found it, so now I can share them.

After posting my Cathedral Windows Inspiration I decided to do a small practice block to see if I liked the technique before making the decision to commit to a full quilt of them. So I had a rummage through my fabric and made a practice block:

The practice block turned out pretty well but it was a bit of a pain to sew together – it was very stiff to get the needle through the fabric. However the fabric I’d chosen was some poly-cotton left over from making a skirt so I thought that maybe it was the fabric rather than the technique, so I made another one, this time with proper quilting cotton:

This one was much easier to sew together, and i tried out a few techniques to (in my opinion) improve the finish of the block. As you can see, I also had a go at adding an extra fabric in the background.

Even after my two sample blocks i’m still in two minds about whether or not to make a full cathedral windows quilt. I love how they look, I’m just still not sure how functional they are as quilts.

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  1. Mary-Anne

    I love the second one, my eyes keep skating around because of the check background fabric and the brown looks lovely and rich against the pink. Very striking. Best of luck with your thesis too. I'll be on the lookout for your balloon avatar!


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