Something New…

I haven’t done much sewing lately. Partly because initially I wasn’t really in the mood, but then as my retreat grew closer (next weekend, hurrah!) I kind of felt like I shouldn’t be working on things but that I should “save” them for the retreat, which is just plain old silly! So last night I sat down and bit the bullet and started something new just because.

I made a decision and started sewing with the pre-cuts that my gran and Jo had given me for Christmas quite a while back now. I have a jelly roll (2.5″ strips), a honey bun (1.5″ strips) and a charm pack (5″ squares) and then two coordinating fat quarters. So far I’m working with the strips. Sewing them together and cutting them back up again into triangles, which I’m sure you can guess, will become hexagons:

I’m not sure how it’s all going to work out, the design is still forming in my mind. I think I’m going to need to buy a little more fabric to make the quilt a useable size, and I’d quite like to try doing something a bit unexpected with it… but I’m going to finish making these units and see how they look before I decide.


  1. Marie

    Wow, this is looking very intricate…good luck!

  2. Helene

    Rachel, I love how these look! I think this will be a really beautiful quilt.


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