Quilting Opinions Please

Yesterday I went to GJs in my lunch break. GJs is about 5km from where I work, and I rode like the wind to get there and back in my lunch break, and I managed it, hurrah! While I was there I got the backing, quilting thread and batting for my spotty quilt (which still needs a name, so suggestions gratefully taken).

I had intended to get the grey version of the spotty backing fabric that I used on my genome quilt, however they were all out of it so I had to change my plans. I stuck with the grey scheme though and got two grey homespuns. I am planning on hand quilting it with perle 8 threads, and Georgia was kind enough to order me in some colours to match my fabrics, 5 of the 6 colours have come in so far, I’m just waiting on some teal as my last colour. I also got some bamboo batting for the middle. I’ve not used bamboo before, but I want to try some new things to see what I like the most, so I shall report back on how it turns out.

Last night, however, I fell over in the garden and sprained my ankle, which is now pretty sore and very swollen. Nevertheless, one to look for silver linings, I realised that I my “sewing machine foot” was still perfectly fine (I sprained the left), so after resting most of the day I spent a couple of hours this afternoon sewing the quilt top together, so the day wasn’t a complete bust.

Now, the reason for posting this now – I’d like suggestions/opinions for quilting this please. I want to hand quilt it, and I (will) have perle 8 thread to match the 6 main colours of the fabrics. How would you quilt it??


  1. AMM

    Rachel, the top looks amazing. However will have to think hard about the quilting options.

  2. Marie

    Wow, this looks amazing and so intricate Rachel! What a wonderful piece of work! Sadly, I can't help on the quilting-question front…I have no idea what any of it means ;o)

  3. Bronwyn

    The 'squares within the squares' don't line up so quilting lines going around and around within each block may not work. The corners of the blocks do intersect so maybe quilt diagonally? Possibly wonky eclectic lines straight down through each block, not worrying about keeping the quilting on the straight and narrow? hmmmmm…a little tricky?


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