Rain = passed

Despite having finished my Minoru over a month ago, today was the first time I’d been able to test it in proper rain. I’d been out in some light showers, but this evening we had some serious rain, in which I had to walk home. I am pleased to report that the jacket held up very well. 10 minutes of walking in heavy rain and the top 2/3 of me (ie the jacket covered bits) were still completely dry.

A photo snapped earlier this evening showing the storm clouds rolling in. The colours of the sky/clouds are pretty accurate.

However I did discover one slight flaw in the jacket – the bit of the collar where the hood comes out leaves a little lip on the outside, which tended to catch water and fill up a little, which allowed it to seep inside the jacket around the neck seam. Not enough got in that my clothes underneath got wet at all, I just need to remember to fold that bit down when it’s raining hard to stop any water accumulating there. The hood kept my hair and face absolutely dry though, so hurrah! a great success!


  1. Mindy

    Yay! Pretty AND practical 🙂

  2. Reana Louise

    Woohoo for Minoru weather! I want to thank you for your lovely suggestion of Tessuti. It was such a busy, indulgent weekend so I didn't have time to go anywhere else. However, I'd love to do a Melbourne meet up soon and meet all you lovely ladies, in the flesh! 🙂


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