Beignet Muslin, and Super Oops!

Thusday this week was Australia Day, which means a day off work, hurrah! After a lovely picnic in the park with some friends, me and Claire went back to her house to work on our Beignet muslins. She had already traced her pattern pieces and made a muslin, but I hadn’t started at all.

I decided to have a go at grading between sizes on the pattern, because my waist and hip measurements fell across two different sizes. So when tracing the pieces I traced a 12 for most of the skirt, but a 10 at the waist, and joined up between the two over the three inches above the “lengthen/shorten” line marked on the pattern.

I then cut out just the pattern shell pieces from some poplin to make a muslin, stitched up the seams and pinned where the buttons should be, and horror of horrors, it was WAAAAAY too big, as shown on the left below *insert sad face here*

After having a bit of a look at the muslin, I decided that I could pinch out the extra full-ness in the centre back, so did a quick seam up the centre back taking out a whopping 6cm(!!). Lots of cursing about stupid sizing was performed, but after that alteration the skirt fit pretty much perfectly (see above, right). My grading has left a slight bump on the front between the centre front and side front pieces, which I will smooth out, but other than that the skirt fits great.

However, before you start thinking that Sarai doesn’t know what she’s talking about please keep reading….

Look at what I noticed on my centre back pattern piece when I was folding it up to put it away:

Yup, that’s right, I hadn’t cut out the pattern piece along the “cut on fold” edge. I had just left it thinking “oh I don’t need to cut there, I can just line up the line with the fold when I cut it out” but then had proceeded to completely forget that part and lined up the fold with the edge of the paper. And guess what, that extra bit of paper is pretty much exactly 3cm (ie 6cm extra fabric!)

Oops! Sorry Sarai for cursing at your pattern drafting, there is nothing wrong with it at all, it fits perfectly, it was 100% operator error!

So the morals of this story?

1) Don’t be lazy when you’re cutting out your pattern pieces
2) Pay attention when you’re placing pattern pieces and cutting them out
3) The Beignet so far seems to have a fantastic fit, and the envelope measurements are pretty much spot on.


  1. Gail

    Yep that's why we make muslins! I'm hoping to sew my beignet very soon.

  2. Emily

    I have done the exact same thing too, and felt like a dill when I did. Welcome to the club hey!? Thank god for muslins, as Gail said. Phew.

  3. Arlene

    Ha, I did the exact same thing on a top muslin last week. Here I thought maybe I had finally lost a few pounds. No such luck :(

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