Pretty Colette

I went in with some friends to get some Colette patterns, which arrived while I was away over Christmas. We got the Lady Grey, Crepe, Beignet, Jasmine and Rooibos:

I got the Beignet, Jasmine and Rooibos, and have actually already got fabric for them. This is what I got:

The Beignet is a grey drill, the Jasmine a voile/lawn and the Rooibos a poplin (all from Spotlight)

I can’t wait to get started on them!


  1. Bek

    ooo i have a colette pattern around here somewhere too! Love the Lady Grey and Rooibos! Will have to get my hands on those!

  2. Marie

    Wow, that's brilliant! I especially love the fabric you've chosen for your Jasmine!

  3. Amy

    Lovely! I've only made the Beignet, but I love it. I think it'll look nice and classic in a gray drill. What kind of buttons are you thinking? Though I was nervous about sewing all those buttonholes and lining up all those buttons, it actually turned out to be my favorite part!

    1. Rachel

      I have no idea about buttons yet – so suggestions more than welcome! Probably something neutral so that it doesn't reduce the number of colours I can wear it with, maybe grey ones of some kind?


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