Too Many Secrets

Despite how it may appear here on my blog, I have actually been doing plenty of sewing lately, unfortunately I have been working on far too many things that (for the moment) need to be kept a secret, hence the lack of posts!

Happily, today I have something that I can share, some fabrics I picked out for a baby quilt. The boy has “comissioned” this quilt as a gift for his neice-to-be. So, lovely girlfriend that I am, I dragged him along to GJs to help me pick out which fabrics to use (it’s a joint venture afterall!). Below is a pic of the fabrics that we ended up choosing. Aren’t some of them just super cute?!

Stay tuned for what they get turned into!


  1. Neeno

    Ohhh so cute!!!
    May I ask what you are studying?

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