Hollyburn Sew-Along

This page contains links to all the posts for the Hollyburn sew-along together in one place. You can also find all the posts by searching for the tag “Hollyburn Sew-Along”

Here are the posts:

– My First Hollyburn and Sew-Along Announcement
– Sew-Along Badge and Dates

– Inspiration (Part 1)
Inspiration (Part 2)
– Choosing a view
Choosing and Buying Fabric
Changing the Length
An Interview with Tasia
Pattern Alteration – Removing the Pockets
Pattern Alteration – Piping on your waistband
– Prewash and Prepare Fabric
– Thoughts on Grading Up in Size
– Choices to make before starting to sew
Cutting Layout and Cutting
– Sewing the Pockets
Skirt Seams
– Zipper (Unlined Skirt)
Zipper (Lined Skirt)
Finish the Waistband and Extras
– Finished Skirt No. 1
– Finished Skirt No. 2
– Sew-Along Participants Skirts

The Sew-Along posts will stay on the blog, so you can follow along whenever you want. If you do follow along in the future, please do share with me the skirt(s) you make!


  1. Anonymous

    will you be doing instructions to line the skirt please? I would like to line mine but have never lined a skirt before so it would be really helpful.

  2. Anonymous

    PS I'm only signed in as anonymous as I cannot recall my google sign in details – my name is Linda and I'm hoping to join in with the sew along

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